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Buffalo Trace Mounted Patrol – Nelson Co. Unit

The Nelson Co. Buffalo Trace Mounted Patrol is a part of the state-wide Buffalo Trace Mounted Patrol organization.  The BTMP is a not-for-profit community service organization dedicated to just that; community service and better horsemanship.   Membership with the patrol is free, members have the freedom to participate as much or as little as they are able. 

The Nelson County Unit conducts “desensitizing clinics” about once a month during the spring, summer and fall months where we train and prepare our mounts for any and all things that they may come in contact with while serving out in the community or at events. Our members are certified in CPR & First Aid. We also have an organized Color Guard Unit that is available to present at local events. We go on organized trail patrols through area parks, hold fundraisers to faciliate training activities and charitable contributions.

Presenting colors for the Central KY Gaited Horse Assoc. show




More practice...Carmen barely fit.

Baby strollers are one of many terrifying things a horse & rider will encounter out in the public

Water/tarp hazard crossing

Getting the horse into a tricky place safely

OK this wasn't exactly what we recommend as "safe" but this is how quiet we want our horses to be.

Carmen ready for patrol at Green River State Park...this is basically what our horses dress for patrol work.This is what we like to look like for "Formal" patrol work.

More training with loose balloons.

Some people have taken their first horse ride with us!

We take time to celebrate special occassions.

This is our "Informal" look for a day patroling/trail riding.

As you can see this is a pretty laid back, fun-loving group!  We are just horse people.  We love horses and helping people and as you can see the training exercises we do are great for any horse!  So if you’d just like to improve your horsemanship, get your horse over some of his/her fears this is a great group. We invite you to come on out and enjoy some time with us.

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